Got a iPhone? Great. Now Start a Band.

I’m so glad it’s Monday, because I can share this gem with you.  For this oddity is only worthy of a Monday Variety post.  Those of you with iPhones and iPod Touches probably know way more about the myriad of apps you can add to your Apple devices than I do.

For instance, I didn’t know there were so many apps, that you can basically create your own band!

London’s The Mentalists demonstrate the possibility through their cover of MGMT’s “Kids.”

It’s performed entirely through iPhones/iPod Touches with the affordable iPhone apps:

Ocarina ($0.99) which you play through blowing into the iPhone mic

Retro Synth ($0.99) takes care of the bass line

Mini Synth ($1.99) plays the keyboard part

Digi Drummer Lite (free) need I even say it? ….drums.


These are so much cheaper than actual instruments!! Maybe in our dismal economy, we’ll see the emergence of strictly iPhone bands….kind of a scary thought actually.


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