Actors Can Rock?

band-from-tvThis entry is an  interesting twist on our “Fabulous Life Of…” series.  The Band From TV did gain their fame through television…as actors.  This charity cover band is composed of Hugh Laurie (House) on keys, Greg Grunberg (Heroes) on drums, James Denton (Desperate Housewives) on guitar, Brad Savage (child star) on bass (but sometimes that role is taken by NBC Nightly News anchorman Lester Holt). Lead singers for the band are Bachelor Bob Guiney and Bonnie Somerville, fresh from Kitchen Confidential.  Other actors and friends are known to join the band on different occasions.


The band is the brainchild of Greg Grunberg.  After performing the House of Blues with some other celebrities, he saw the interested actors attempting to be musicians generated and saw the potential for charity events.  Each member has their own non-profit they put their proceeds towards.  Grunberg’s share, for instance, goes towards Pediatric Epilepsy Project because his oldest son has epilepsy.


The band has been known to goof around during their set.  Pulling faces and dancing, they seem to be having a great time.  As Grunberg puts it, “What we lack in musical talent, we make up in fun.”  


I love a band with a sense of humor.  And you can tell they’ve got just through the title of their CD, Hoggin’ All the Covers, which debuted last October and quickly topped #1 sales on after their performance on The Tonight Show this past January. 


They are definitely worth a listen.  It’s great to see Hugh Laurie behind the piano again.  


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