Remember the Rembrandts?

remebrandtsIn the music side of the television world, the Rembrandts are referenced as the model not to aspire for.  Their most famous song, “I’ll Be There for You” was the theme for the popular sitcom Friends. Unfortunately, the show’s popularity spread faster than their own, which caused them to have a place in the One Hit Wonder Hall of Fame.  Also, splitting up in 1997 (in the throes of the shows success) couldn’t have helped.  Don’t they know they are supposed to ride out a show’s fame to sell concert tickets? 


Interestingly enough, the Rembrandts top song on the charts wasn’t “I’ll Be There for You,” which only reached #17 on the US Billboard Charts.  Their 1990 hit, “Just the Way It Is, Baby” that was a chart-topping success, that managed to peak at #14!


The Rembrandts are composed of Phil Solem and Danny Wilde. Both have been in numerous bands before (and after) being The Rembrandts.  They reunited in 2000 and produced a new album, Lost Together, the following year.


The duo continues to record and tour, but they also produce for other artists like Plain White T’s, Gin Blossoms, and Evan & Jaron.


“I’ll Be There for You” is the only song that has been getting radio play as of late.  And it brings more memories of Chandler’s jokes, Rachel’s hair, and Monica’s neuroses than the Rembrandts themselves. This is not how one should strive to get fame from a television show.  


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